Approved Assistance Organizations

Any property listed in this section is for use by schools, school districts, political subdivisions, assistance and non-profit organizations

Terms and Conditions:

  • All property shown on this page is offered to Texas public schools, school districts, approved assistance organizations, or non-profit organizations, with financial considerations, and on a "where is, as is" basis and without a warranty, either expressed or implied.
  • The aforementioned Political Subdivisions are responsible for all packing, loading, and shipping and any associated costs.
  • To apply for approval status, review the State of Texas Guidelines for Political Subdivisions and Assistance Organizations eligibility
  • Due to lack of warehouse storage space and the immediate needs of other school districts, or other organizations, UNT cannot reserve property for more than 5 (five) working days.
  • UNT assumes no responsibility of guaranteeing any item which may be viewed on our website, or the continued availability of said items.
  • All property is offered on a first come first serve basis. General condition of all items may be: fair, poor, or dismantled for parts.
  • Property may be viewed by appointment only.
  • To view pictures, visit the Surplus Gallery.

Surplus Hours

Surplus Warehouse                  925 Precision Dr Denton TX 76207 940-369-7199

Sales are conducted on Tuesday ONLY.

Open to Public: Tuesdays 9:00 am - 1:00 pmSales are conducted on Tuesday ONLY.

Faculty and Staff Viewing Times for Departmental uses Only Tuesday 9:00am to 1:00pm and Thursdays 9:00 am to 12:00pm

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