Public Sale

  • All items are sold for the listed price.  We are required by law to charge PREDETERMINED pricing, this means no haggling.
  • Forms of payment accepted are:  personal check with valid driver's license or cash.
  • All Item(s) are sold on a FIRST PAID BASIS meaning whomever purchases the item(s) first gets them.  

  • we do not take or collect payments via email or phone.
  • Personal checks will not be accepted for purchases over $250.00.  Purchases over $250.00 must be made by cash, or cashier's check which should include 8.25% sales tax (except on vehicles).
  • Our sale items come with no warranty, or guarantee, either expressed or implied.  
  • Please remove your purchases at the time of sale, unless otherwise arranged for with Surplus.
  • Any item not removed at the time of sale will be left at the owners risk.
  • UNT will not assume any responsibility for any unforeseen damage, or liability on ANY item left after a purchase has been made, particularly on items sold offsite or outside.
  • All sales will be subject to regular Sales Tax of 8.25%, unless the buyer is Tax Exempt and presents a current Tax ID card.
  • All sales are final, there are no returns or exchanges for our items.
  • We update the items in our sale, and the pictures on our website on a regular basis,we do our best to update our sale photos every monday (unless of university closure)
  • We cannot allow testing of electric items, or test driving or starting of vehicles due to liability issues. If an item is in questionable condition, it will be priced accordingly.
  • Specific items may be available only through Online Auction. 
  • To view pictures, visit the Surplus Gallery
  • to view our vechile purchasing procedures please follow this link

Surplus Hours

Surplus Warehouse                  925 Precision Dr Denton TX 76207 940-369-7199

Sales are conducted on Tuesday ONLY.

Open to Public: Tuesdays 9:00 am - 1:00 pmSales are conducted on Tuesday ONLY.

Faculty and Staff Viewing Times for Departmental uses Only Tuesday 9:00am to 1:00pm and Thursdays 9:00 am to 12:00pm

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